WalkTab app tracks smartphones and tablets for MyGeotab

Dispatch sees GO devices and smartphones on one screen.

More peace of mind for remote and at-risk workers.

Expand situational awareness beyond the vehicle with WalkTab.

WalkTab respects Geotab hours of work as well as user privacy.

Ease of use with familiar MyGeotab UI.

Always have your people’s backs no matter where they go.

“Always know where all your people are”

“Geotab is expanded to include our drivers, riders and on-foot personnel on one screen.”

“Our privacy is protected.”

“I can turn off reporting for personal or family reasons.”

“Better response times.”

“Smarter moves faster with better real-time visibility for MyGeotab.”

“Dispatch has our back.”

“We are safer because we’re on-screen for dispatch even when we leave our vehicles.”


  • Programmable GPS location reporting intervals
  • Locations appear on your existing myGeotab platform  
  • Full visibility of in-car or on-foot personnel   
  • Quick and easy installation     
  • Respects Geotab hours of work settings 
  • Users have extra work time and time off controls
  • Works with Geotab groups
  • New users are registered via email or MDM
  • Central visibility of entire mobile workforce


  • Optimal situational awareness with minimal battery use
  • Familiar UI & UX, hosted by Geotab
  • No unknown locations for continuous safety           
  • Deploy with MDM or download from Appstore or Playstore
  • Assures after hours and time-off privacy                   
  • Simplicity of schedule changes and overtime           
  • Adapts to quickly accommodate changes in staffing  
  • Fast and simple setup for new users
  • See cars, bikes, walkers at a glance on one screen     

About Us

WalkTab for smartphones, with Geotab, expands GPS tracking ‘Beyond the Vehicle’ for fleet and field services operators; couriers, expediters and logistics providers; as well as government and law enforcement agencies.

Enabling the user’s smartphone to work as a portable third-party Geotab tracking device, WalkTab is with them wherever they go, pin-point mapping their location and driving, biking or walking progress in real-time, via their secure myGeotab account.

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