Just a reminder. For either the Android or the iOS client to report GPS co-ordinates to your Geotab database several things needs to be in place, and they are:
  • 3rd Party CAL obtained from Geotab or Geotab reseller, made available in your Geotab database
  • our WalkTab Add-In for Geotab. (Not yet in the Marketplace). Contact us directly for a download link.
  • Our app for Android or iOS, installed on one or more phones
  • To register, you’ll need to go to https://register.walktab.com and supply a series of credentials, and copy that string into your WalkTab app to activate it.
Please note: we have already made numerous customized and white label versions of this app, to simplify the registration process and to permit deploying the app with a Mobile Device Management System like AirWatch or BlackBerry BES, or SOTI, etc. Please contact us for additional information.