This page contains instructions to create service accounts, add customer databases, generate configuration emails, and adding the WalkTab Add-In for MyGeotab.

1. Create Service Accounts

For WalkTab to provision new devices and connect to the customer database, Geotab recommends using a different Geotab Service Account for each database. Please follow the following steps to create a service account for your customer’s database.

Step 1

On a MyGeotab account connected to the customer database, go to Administration > Users > and click on “Add”

Step 2

Enter the following credentials:

User (Email): service-<databasename>@<customerdomain> (replace “<databasename>” with the customer’s database name and “<customerdomain>” with the customer’s domain)

First name: WalkTab

Last name: Database

Authentication type: Basic Authentication

Force password change on next login: TOGGLE TO “NO” AND CREATE A PASSWORD

Security clearance: Administrator

Comments: This account is used to provision devices on the customer database, report location, read hours of work, and add provisioned phones to customer groups.


Click on “Save” to create service account.

Click on “Save” to create service account. This is the service account that will be entered in a subsequent section when adding the customer database on

IMPORTANT: To ensure proper provisioning of devices, please make sure that the security clearance is set to “Administrator” in this service account.

2. Adding Customer Database

Step 1

Please log in to your WalkTab Reseller Account and click on “Databases” in your sidebar. Then click on “+ Add” to add a customer database.

Step 2

Enter the Geotab Service Account (used for provisioning) username and password for the database, enter its name, and click “Next”.

Step 3

After adding a Geotab database to Walktab, you will receive an email containing details for end-users to configure their WalkTab apps. Please save this email, copy, and paste the contents of this email, and send to each customer of the database.

IMPORTANT: This image is only an example. The email you receive will have different credentials.

3. Adding WalkTab Add-In on MyGeotab

Please follow these steps to add the WalkTab Add-In to the end user’s database on MyGeotab. This must only be done once for each database and will enable end-users to view location data sent through the WalkTab mobile application from MyGeotab.

Step 1

In MyGeotab, click on “system setting” under Administration in the sidebar. 

Step 2

In the “Add-ins” tab, click on the “New Add-in” button.

Step 3

To configure the Add-In, please drag and drop this Configuration JSON file provided into the files tab. If you do not have this file, please contact us.

Step 4

Click OK to finish adding the WalkTab Add-In.