WalkTab mobile client needs the WalkTab Geotab Add-In

Just a reminder.

For either the Android or the iOS client to report GPS co-ordinates to your Geotab database several things needs to be in place, and they are:

  • 3rd Party CAL obtained from Geotab or Geotab reseller, made available in your Geotab database
  • our WalkTab Add-In for Geotab. (Not yet in the Marketplace). Contact us directly for a download link.
  • Our app for Android or iOS, installed on one or more phones
  • To register, you’ll need to go to https://register.walktab.com and supply a series of credentials, and copy that string into your WalkTab app to activate it.

Please note: we have already made numerous customized and white label versions of this app, to simplify the registration process and to permit deploying the app with a Mobile Device Management System like AirWatch or BlackBerry BES, or SOTI, etc.

Please contact us for additional information.

Hello world! Walktab for Geotab

WalkTab for Geotab is now coming to life. The first time I encountered Geotab, I wanted to make a smartphone app that would permit a person with a smartphone to be tracked like a fleet vehicle.  Several years ago there was no road to this objective.  Recent beta additions to the SDK have let us see a way to accomplish this objective.

The result is WalkTab for Geotab, available on iTunes and the PlayStore.

Free to try, app is free to deploy, additional licenses are needed to view phone locations on the my.geotab.com database.