Provisioning New Devices

This section explains how you can get and set up the WalkTab app and provision devices for your customer End Users.

Download WalkTab From the App Store or Playstore

If your customer’s End Users have either iPhones or iPads OR Android devices with permission to download and install apps, they can do from the App Store OR Playstore respectively. Here they can download and install the WalkTab app directly. from Here they can search ‘walktab’ to find the app, then download and install it.


Mobile Device Management (MDM)

If your customer’s End User devices run in an enterprise environment with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) System, this customer’s IT Department will need to ‘push’ the WalkTab app to company mobile devices via a Delivery Package, which we can provide you with.

To arrange for your iOS or Android MDM Delivery Package, please call us at 647-570-0643 or email us at