An ideal add-in app to WalkTab, our EPNB app is perfect for recording and reporting task and delivery details for field staff, couriers, utility workers, security guards – anyone who needs to capture and communicate their activities as well as their location. Photos, videos, audio, text, signatures. Sketches and forms are timestamped and Geotagged prior to uploading to the secure cloud.

EPNB For field staff

Your mobile personnel will never fumble for their pen and paper notepad again. With EPNB on their smartphones, they will save time and effort with time-stamped, Geotagged photos, videos, audio, signature capture, sketches and forms, and more.

  • Record task details faster and smoother  
  • No writing, transcribing, storing, scanning, or losing notes
  • Share notes with dispatch, supervisors, and management

For Head Office

Eliminate cataloging, storing, locating, retrieving, copying, delivering and returning notes. Search is easy and all notes data is securely available on demand.

  • Streamline and improve note quality
  • Secure notes recording, storage, sharing and search
  • Robust of media-rich historical record of completion