My Device is Not Tracking

iOS: Go to Setting > Apps > WalkTab > Location

Then please ensure that location permission is set to “Always”.

How to make a device report after Hours of Work

You can access the WalkTab Add-in to send a command to a device to cause it to report outside of work hours.

Step 1. Go to maps

Step 2. Click on the user you want to change.

Step 3. Start, stop, or locate.

Pressing the Start button on the bottom right to cause a device to start to report if it is not already reporting. This will override the “Disabled” or “Pause” settings. If you make a device start to report outside of work hours, you will have to also make it STOP reporting.

Pressing STOP will override any user setting and stop reporting.

Pressing LOCATE will get the end-user’s location once.

How to get some privacy during the working day

Opening WalkTab and toggling the Disabled control will disable the sending of GPS co-ordinates. That setting can be turned off by the user, or it can be overridden in the using either the START or LOCATE commands from MyGeotab.

Hours of Work, Privacy, Overtime, Server Commands and Precedence


  • Geotab Hours of Work are set by the employer/admin and are respected by WalkTab
    • Under normal circumstances, WalkTab only sends location data during “hours of work” set by the employer/administrator.

NOTE: “normal circumstances” are when hours of work are NOT overridden by admin or transmission HAS NOT been disabled by the customer.

  • Toggling “Disabled” ON will stop sending location data until “Disabled” has toggled off or until hours of work begin the next day.
    • While “Disabled” is turned on, location data will not be sent
  • The end-user can also PAUSE sending location data.
    • This will stop reporting for a certain period and will start reporting after.
    • Pausing reporting can only be done when the device is already reporting- cannot be done when disabled.
    • Tap PAUSE and select a time period to pause reporting.
    • To end the pause prior to the time period, press END PAUSE

  • Turning ON “Continuous” will keep reporting beyond the hours of work until it has been turned off.

Unable to provision a new device


If devices are unable to be provisioned, please ensure that the functionality/plan to add new serial numbers is available through Geotab. This is the feature that enables the usage of myGeotab.

This could also likely be due to the incorrect security clearance in the database’s service account. Please ensure that the security clearance is set to “Administrator” in the service account.

How to stop billing for a particular device/Serial Number?


Step 1: Press “DEREGISTER DEVICE” in the “Settings” section

Step 2: Then uninstall the WalkTab App


NOTE: This will only stop billing from WalkTab and not from Geotab. To stop billing from Geotab for that serial number, please go to MyAdmin and terminate the serial number (MUST BE DONE BY RESELLER).

Does Using WalkTab Decrease My Phone’s Batter Life Between Charges?


WalkTab runs in the background even when it is not reporting GPS position to WalkTab. As such it will typically decrease the battery life by 55% to 10%, depending on device type, reporting interval and usage during Hours of Work.