WalkTab for smartphones, with Geotab, expands GPS tracking ‘Beyond the Vehicle’ for fleet and field services operators; couriers, expediters and logistics providers; as well as government and law enforcement agencies.

Enabling the user’s smartphone to work as a portable third party Geotab tracking device, WalkTab is with them wherever they go, pin-point mapping their location and driving, biking or walking progress in real time, via their secure myGeotab account.

WalkTab for iOS or Android devices is now available for trial via secure download on our products page, through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

To download your trial version, select Android or iOS on our Products page, and then get your Third Party Device Client Access License from your Geotab reseller and install our WalkTb Add-In for Geotab.  Then configure your app to connect and report to your myGeotab.com database.  You will also have to manually register the device within the myAdmin page of your myGeotab.

WalkTab also respects hours of work as defined within Geotab, meaning we only track and show the phone during defined hours of work.