About Us


Native app for tracking Android & iOS phones & tablets with MyGeotab. Respects End-User privacy and MyGeotab settings to report during Hours of Service. Ideal for organizations with field staff who leave their GO-enabled vehicles to complete service calls, deliveries, repairs, etc. WalkTab is one of Mobile Innovations family of products for secure mobile computing. 

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Who is Mobile Innovations?

Mobile Innovations specializes in developing, supporting and improving apps for the secure mobile enterprise computing. Our family of apps securely connects field personnel with their head office administrators, dispatchers and management and include iPatrol RMS for law enforcement, Mobi-OSL for smartphone scheduling, and EPNB electronic pocket notebook.

Other WalkTab Partners

EPNB Electronic Pocket Notebook 

Designed for law enforcement and healthcare notetaking, EPNB app allows Officers and Inspectors to include photos, audio, video, sketch, signature capture, as well as text via keypad or voice – timestamped and geotagged for uploading to secure cloud or on-premise server. 

iPatrol RMS Apps 

The iPatrol suite of mobile apps securely connects mobile law enforcement personnel with the Niche Records Management System. iPatrol components and value-adds include CAD integrations, e-ticket, dynamic briefing and more.


Out of the box mobile solution for comprehensive smartphone scheduling and logistics for public sector organizations of all types and sizes. Track overtime, switch shifts, paid duty, staff availability, one-click payroll, and more.