Frequently Asked Questions

What is WalkTab?

WalkTab is a native mobile app that reports positioning data from any Geotab end user’s iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to myGeotab dispatch, with minimal additional battery power used. It is available on Play Store, App Store or via company Mobile Device Management (MDM). 

How does WalkTab work?

WalkTab sends GPS location, time, speed and direction of the users’ mobile devices to dispatch during Hours of Work, even while they have exited their vehicles. Dispatch now sees phones and tablets alongside Geotab GO devices on their MyGeotab screen. 

How is WalkTab integrated with Geotab?

WalkTab integrated with MyGeotab so Dispatch can see, identify, pinpoint location, establish speed and direction of the user’s smartphone i.e. when they leave their vehicle and carry their phone. 

How do I know if WalkTab is working?

Dispatch will know WalkTab is working because they will see their fleet users’ phones on their MyGeotab screens. 

I forgot my password, what do I do?

For password assistance please email us at 

What about safety and privacy?

SAFETY:  The WalkTab mobile app sends Geotab telematic data from the user’s smartphone or tablet to your dispatch using your MyGeotab  

PRIVACY: WalkTab tracks users only during Geotab Hours of Work, respects Geotab administrator time zones and settings, and allows users to turn tracking off if required for privacy e.g. for a doctor’s appointment. 

Who uses WalkTab?

WalkTab is ideal for fleet operators with mobile personnel who must frequently leave their vehicles to complete their assigned tasks and deliveries.  

  • Police, Fire and EMS  
  • Government, healthcare and social services  
  • Logistics, utility and field service 
What are the benefits?

WalkTab is beneficial for drivers because it extends their visibility and contact with dispatch ‘Beyond the Vehicle’ to wherever they may be walking, riding or using transit during Hours  

What are the reporting intervals?

WalkTab reports GPS data from the end user’s device to an assigned myGeotab database every 30 seconds or other interval chosen by your Geotab administrator. Admin can also start and stop end-user devices and override their settings. 

Are MyGeotab settings respected?

WalkTab respects Geotab time zones, Hours of Work, reporting interval and other administrative settings.  

Where do I get WalkTab?

WalkTab is available from any authorized Geotab distributor for a monthly per user fee, with no set up charges or contracts. A 30 day free trial is available for qualified Geotab customers. 

To get started, with WalkTab, Geotab Resellers may contact us to find out more and to sign up:  

TEL: 647-570-06743  EMAIL: WEB: