Your WalkTab Reseller Account

Within your WalkTab reseller account, you will be able to add and manage your database, manage users (members of your team who can provision customer devices), modify account details, and view billing information.


This is where your databases will be displayed. Use this area to view registered devices, configure your database, and add databases.

Adding a new database


Editing a database

This area enables you to add a select which groups provisioned devices will be added to and configure GPS reporting intervals for end-users using that database. 

Deleting a database

Deleting a database will remove the database from your WalkTab account.

NOTE: Deleting a database will remove the database only from your WalkTab account and will NOT affect the database in MyGeotab.

View Registered Devices

Click yellow devices icon to view all the devices that are registered within the database.

All registered devices will appear here:


To invite new staff members to your existing Reseller Account, simply enter their email addresses in the field provided and click on the ‘Invite’ button.

NOTE: As the first registered Reseller Account holder you automatically become the sole Reseller Account administrator. Only you can grant other team members the ability to provision new customer Customers via email. They will NOT be able to set up new Reseller Accounts or invite new team members – but will be able to provision new customers once you set them up as a Reseller Account User.


Please enter your business’ information here:


The billing section will show the number of devices per database and the time period those devices have been in use.

This information can be exported as a PDF, Excel, or a CSV file.