Welcome to WalkTab!

You are receiving this email because you have just created a WalkTab account at WalkTab.com. There are a few more steps you will need to perform to complete the process. This information is also available at https://WalkTab.com/reseller_setup

At this point, you can link your WalkTab account to a Geotab database.

1) You will need to make a new Geotab SDK service account to allow WalkTab to add new devices to your database. Geotab recommends using a different account for each database.

2) When linking your database, WalkTab will send you an email which can be forwarded to your device users. This email contains the information needed to install the app and set it up to begin sending GPS positions to Geotab.

WalkTab will send you an email notification each time a device installs the WalkTab app, and when registration is completed and the device has been added to the Geotab database, thus consuming one of the Client Access Licenses (CALs) that you have provisioned. When you login to WalkTab, you can also view the list of devices and view their current status. On Geotab, you can view your mobile devices alongside vehicles and can control the reporting of those devices, and send in-app messages to the users.

Thanks from the WalkTab team.