WalkTab Reseller Account On-Line Set Up

Completion of steps shown in the flowchart below is required by each new WalkTab Reseller. Please note that these steps are done only once by the reseller during the initial setup.

1. Register for a WalkTab Reseller Account

Go to https://reseller.WalkTab.com and register your new WalkTab Reseller account by entering your email address and creating a new password. Once done, click on the Register button.

Click on the register button and see a confirmation

2. Receive your email confirmation

You will then receive an email with the subject line ‘WalkTab – Confirm your email’ which has been sent to the email address provided in step a) above. If you do not receive an email with within a few minutes, please check your JUNK folder or call us for additional help at 647-570-0643 or email davis@walktab.com

Open this email and click on the ‘clicking here’ link to confirm your account

After confirming your account, you will need to login again.

3. Login to your new WalkTab Reseller Account

When prompted, log in at reseller.WalkTab.com using your new username and Password. You may also or your Google or MS Office account.

4. Reseller Account Holder Setup

Once you log in again, begin account set up by giving your WalkTab Reseller Account a name.

IMPORTANT: This Reseller Business Name cannot be changed once it has been saved.

5. Add ERP Number to Your Reseller Account

On your reseller.walktab.com account, please enter the Account section and enter your ERP number, press Save