WalkTab Reseller Set Up Guide

October 27, 2021
Version 1.3

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1. Setting Up Your Reseller Account

This guide describes the steps required for the creation and registration of your WalkTab Reseller Account. You will be able to use this account to assign other members of your team to set up to provision WalkTab for your myGeotab customers. By following these simple steps you will able to create new WalkTab Accounts for your customers and provision new devices via email invitation.

NOTE: WalkTab is a native smartphone app with myGeotab add-in for Android or iOS. WalkTab requires you to purchase a Geotab CAL prior to setting up End User Accounts.

1.1 Start the Registration

Go to https://reseller.walktab.com

Register your new WalkTab Reseller account by using your email and creating a new password.

Completed walk tab registration screen

Click on the register button and see a confirmation

Walk Tab account registration screen

1.2 Get the email confirmation

An email with the subject line ‘WalkTab – Confirm your email’ will then be sent to you using the email address you have provided. Open this email and click on the link to confirm your account.

After confirming your account, you will need to login again.

1.3. Login to your new reseller account

When prompted log in to https://reseller.walktab.com/Identity/Login
using your new/
Username and Password, or your Google or MS Office account.

1.4. Reseller Account Setup

Once logged in you can begin to set up your Reseller Account by giving it a name.
NOTE: The account name cannot be changed once it has been saved.

 If you would like WalkTab to send ‘New Registration’ emails to your Geotab groups, check them off. Otherwise emails will be sent to everyone in your company as a single group. To invite new staff members to your existing Reseller Account, simply enter email addresses in the field provided and click on the invite button.


Only the first registered Reseller Account holder for each Reseller Account will be automatically given the ability to invite other Reseller Account holders.

Newly added reseller staff will be able to provision WalkTab End User accounts for customers via email invitation, but they will not be able to invite additional Reseller Account members or create new accounts.

You and any other Reseller Account holders whom you have invited are now able to provision new WalkTab End Users via email invitation. To get them started you will send them an email containing an auto-setup link along with the information required to set up the WalkTab app on their smartphone or tablet (Shown below in Section 2.3)

You will receive an email with the subject line ‘WalkTab Configuration.’  It will prompt you to create a password for the End User to access their Data Base that you have previously named on your customer’s behalf.

You will receive an email that you will copy, paste and send to each new end user with the following information:                

2. Customer Setup

This section explains how as a WalkTab Reseller, you and your staff can set up WalkTab and provision devices with the WalkTab app for your customers.

2.1. Get CALs and Create myAdmin and DIG accounts

Prior to setting up WalkTab for any of your Geotab customers you must first obtain one or several Geotab Third Party Client Access License (CALs) – one CAL for each new WalkTab end user. CALs must be obtained directly from Geotab, in your capacity as a Geotab Reseller.


Please contact your Geotab representative for more information about obtaining Third Party CALs.

Once you have acquired one CAL for each new WalkTab End User, you will need to set up a myAdmin Service Account and Data Intake Gateway (DIG) service account in the customer’s Geotab Database.  


(SCREEN CAP of You are now ready to set up WalkTab for your customer.

2.2. Generate Customer database settings

The next step is to generate customer Data Base settings for your WalkTab customers.

Start by entering your Account ID.

Then provide a name for your customer’s database.

Enter a Customer myAdmin API Username and Password.

Customer DIG API Username and Password

Provide customer passphrase from 15 to 674 characters long?

2.3. Generate Customer welcome email

Shown above is a sample of the ‘Welcome to WalkTab’ email you will receive after setting up your Reseller Service Account and obtaining Geotab Third Party CALs corresponding with the number of registered WalkTab devices

Copy and paste the body of this email to welcome new users.

This email contains a link that may be clicked by the customer, on their smartphone, to auto-populate Account ID, Data Base name and DIG fields after they have downloaded and installed the app.

Reseller will send this email out to all the customer staff that will register devices here

Customers will click on the link in the email and it will populate the fields in the app

If that does not work the customer will need to enter the four field values directly into the app

3. Provisioning devices

This section explains how you can get and set up the WalkTab app and provision devices for your customer End Users.

3.1. Side Load WalkTab on Android

To install WalkTab app on your Android device outside of the Play Store, you and your End Users can follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Tap Apps & Notifications.

Step 3: Tap to expand Advanced.

Step 4: Tap Special App Access.

Step 5: Tap Install Unknown Apps.

Step 6: Tap on the source app, like Chrome.

Step 7: Tap the toggle next to Allow From This Source to enable sideloading.

Step 8: Tap Click on this link: URL HERE

3.2. Side Load WalkTab on iOS

How to allow untrusted apps IOS?

Tap Settings > General > Profiles or Profiles & Device Management.

Under the “Enterprise App” heading, you see a profile for the developer.

Tap the name of the developer profile under the Enterprise App heading to establish trust for this developer.

Then you see a prompt to confirm your choice.

3.3. Download WalkTab From the App Store

If your End Users have iPhones or iPads with permission to download and install apps from the App Store, click in this link:

Alternatively, go to the Appstore and search for WalkTab

3.4. Play Store

If your End Users have Android smartphones or tablets with permission to download and install apps from the App Store, click in this link:

If you have an android device, go to the Play Store and search for the WalkTab app

3.5. MDM

If your End Users are in an enterprise environment and their smartphones are managed by their company’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) System, your customer’s IT Department will need to push the WalkTab app to company-owned/managed mobile devices.

If this is the case, please call us at -1-812-345-768 or email us at support@walktab.com to arrange for delivery of either Android or IOS MDM delivery packages.

4. Customer Device User Interface

Shown to the right By c Account Setup link in the registration email, these details were filled in for you, except for the “Your Name” field.  If the account Setup link did not work for you, then you must manually fill in the four fields on this screen with the details contained in your registration email and finally supply your own name / email.

When done, please press SETUP to proceed.

If you are registering for the fiurst time, you should choose to PROVISION NEW DEVICE.

Provided all the pre-requisite steps have been completed, and that there are 3rd party CALs available, the WalkTab Service should register the device in the Customers myGeotab database and allocate one of the available serial numbers as indicated in the two screenshots on the right.

Once a serial number is assigned to the device, iot is possible to press the SHOW STATUS Button and see the default operational WalkTab screen on the next page.

This is the default operational Walktab screen showing the application running, and indicating that it has a GPS fix and that is is reporting every 30 seconds and that it is not currently locally overriding the Geotab Hours of Work settings by either reporting extra fixes outside Hours of Work, nor is it preventing GPS reporting with a selection of “Disabled”

5. Terms and Conditions

The WalkTab trade mark and software and associated Intellectual Property are property of Mobile Innovations Corporation.

Your company will be billed $5.00 USD per WalkTab End User per calendar month. Invoices will be emailed to address provided as your company’s first WalkTab Account registrant. (See Section 1.4)


6. Frequently Asked questions

6.1. My device is not tracking

On installation, you must allow GPS Permissions and allow GPS to run in the background and you must also allow Permissions to NOT optimize Walktab for prolonging battery life

If permissions were not properly allowed during installation, it is possible to adjust the permissions by going to “App Permissions” and allowing these same permissions, after installation.

6.2. How do I set my user up in Geotab

Within myGeotab, under Vehicles, you can find the users and their reporting devices and uplate the display names and properties

you can find devices that are reporting GPS co-ordinates and update or override the name settings that the devices are reporting as.

6.3. How do I make a device report after Hours of Work

You can access the WalkTab Add-in to send a command to a device to cause it to report outside of work hours.

Pressing the Start button on the bottom right to cause a device to start to report.

Of course if you make a device start to report outside of work hours, you will have to also make it STOP reporting.

There can also be some interplay between both the server and the device trying to override settings.

6.4. How does a user get some privacy during their working day

Opening Walktab, and toggling the Disabled control will disable the sending of GPS co-ordinates.

That setting can be turned off by the user, or it can be overridden in the WalkTab Add-In with a “Locate” command.

6.5. Hours of Work, Privacy, Overtime, Server Commands and precendence

In order of precedence

FCM override on (auto cancels if in working hours, or working hours starts)

FCM override off (auto cancels if out of working hours, or working hours ends)

FCM Locate temporary override on – 1 minute override time for ‘where are you’  overrides FCM Override off, not allowed if FCMOverride On

User timed override off, 1 hr etc, auto cancels when  working hours ends,does not allow if not in working hours. Can be overridden by fcm override on

Can the user disable it if on other than for a time period?  If not they may just uninstall the app

Can the user put it on override-on till taken off?

otherwise use default Geotab working hours

6.6. How to stop billing for a particular device/Serial Number?

Step 1 Starts with Pressing De-Register

Step 2 would be to uninstall the WalkTab App

Step 3 you need to go to myGeotab and make sure there are no more GPS co-ordinates coming from this device